StemeXe for Sales & Marketing

Increase your Sales while reducing your Marketing Budget

Rollout a customer-centric application providing your sales team with all the required tools to manage their pipeline, reach customers across multiple channels, and provide your sales team with easy access to Sales material.

Accelerate sales and Improve prospecting.

Equip your sales team with all the required tools to improve lead generation by allowing them to engage directly with the community using a consolidated platform.

StemeXe is a turnkey Sales enablement platform automating the full sales process from prospecting to opportunity management along with a solid communicating tool and external knowledge sharing through multiple digital channels


StemeXe Does



1 to 1 and group Chat communication


Digital Sales Content Library


Sales Announcements


Sales & Marketing Request Management


Sales & Marketing Meetings/Events


Sales Activity Management


Pipeline Management


Business Intelligence tool

What StemeXe Does

  • Access company Sales Data from one consolidated place
  • Enable Sales team to share Sales and Marketing Content through multiple Social channels
  • Engage with peers
  • Reward salesmen with social scoring
  • Monitor The marketing program performance
  • Reduce Marketing budget while boosting performance
  • Manage your sales pipeline
  • Create Sales reports and dashboards for better sales process visibility

StemeXe app is your app

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