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StemeXe will help you manage the shift to the new operating model and will kickstart your digital transformation journey and let you choose the modules that meet your business needs.

Announcements & Chat

A major feature of the StemeXe customizable app is the announcements feature. Admins have the option of creating ‘public’ and ‘private’ announcements.

While public announcements can be seen by anyone, and shared outside of the group, private announcements can only be seen by group members.

Announcements are a great way to get news across to group members. Through announcements, admins can share
documents, videos, images, and much more.

Knowledge Center

The knowledge center tab allows organizations to add all the relevant documents, FAQs, and other important information that users would want to access and search. In the topics under this tab, admins can share documents, links, videos, and other content relevant to end-users.

Gamification & Sharing

We have added a gamification component to the StemeXe app. The more users like, comment, and share public information, the more points they receive on the app. Organizations can allow users to convert these points into certain benefits or monetary rewards to encourage users to share information. We guarantee that using the app to share results in sharing rates thousands of times higher than regular social media ads

Events & Webinars

Events and webinars can be shared through the app allowing users to join the event and reshare it on social media. Events are created on the backend Technadopt system and pulled by the app.

Service Catalog &

StemeXe includes the possibility of having a service catalog where organizations can list and describe the in-app services that are provided. Users can click on this catalog and find information such as:

  • Service description
  • Service attachments
  • Service owner

Once applied, users can follow up on their service request in the requests tab of the app

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