StemeXe for Enterprise Activity Management

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A successful remote work experience is not only about ensuring business continuity, it is also about overcoming new challenges and demands, which if unresolved, may cause a decline in productivity for high-performing employees!

Working remotely is about organizations enabling their employees and managers to work remotely while ensuring effective activity execution, reporting and management to keep companies profitable.


In these times, having your employees perform their jobs efficiently, productively and proactively has become more complicated than ever. Most companies are facing the following challenges:


Challenge 1

Losing control over an employee’s own time


Challenge 2

Decreased dedication and productivity


Challenge 3

Uncertainty of Team’s Utilization and Efforts


Challenge 4

Difficulty in Reviewing Work and Providing Feedback


Challenge 5

Difficulty in Assigning and Distributing Tasks


Challenge 6

Lack of Visibility on the Impact Resulted by Change of Work Methods

The Solution.

Solving the problem is easy – equip your managers and employees with the required tools whose main objective is to ensure effective activity execution, reporting and management.


We created StemeXe for Enterprise Activity Management as a mobile and web application designed to provide your managers and employees with an online toolkit to facilitate their work remotely while simultaneously driving productivity and efficiency and enabling a pleasant digital experience.


Features of the Solution

Task Assignment

Employees can create their own tasks or get assigned to tasks by their managers.

Filtering and Grouping

System users can filter and group activities in different ways according to their preference to allow reading the data in the most convenient way.


Employees can add documents of different formats to the reported tasks to give more details or as a proof of execution.

Linking Tasks to Jobs

Employees and managers can link the logged activities under the employees’ job responsibilities, which allows for further analysis and efficiency monitoring.

Activities Backlog

The Backlog feature allows creating general activities with no due dates, so they can be planned and assigned to employees later on.

Quick Reporting

The mobile app allows completing tasks or reporting their progress through very simple swipe actions and minimum data filing.


Managers receive the completed tasks by their team members and can approve or reject those tasks.

Recurring Tasks

Operational or routine tasks that are frequently repeated can be created at once instead of adding them one by one.

Notifications and Reminders

Employees and managers will receive notifications and reminders on task updates.

Visibility on Efforts

By reporting the time or durations of completed tasks, employees and managers get visibility on the efforts spent.

Instant Scoring

Completed tasks will get a score once the employee reports the actual achievement vs planned target.

How To Engage

Unlike other systems, StemeXe for Enterprise Activity Management is easy to use and requires minimum set up!

Day 1

Set an online meeting with one of our success managers

Day 2

Add your employees to the system

Day 3

Start assigning tasks immediately


Link to a performance management system to track employee performance and KPIs.

Your success is our success! Exceed is one of the few companies in Gulf that has adopted remote working since more than 10 years. Throughout our journey, we’ve had many experiences which evolved into a set of methods and tools that we put now in your hands. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Contact us now to start your productive remote work journey


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