StemeXe for Education

Distance learning for everyone!

Learning from home isn’t only about assigning tasks or doing some online teaching.
The learning process our children know is actually a combination of social engagement, as well as receiving knowledge through subject matter experts.


There are several challenges with the online learning systems implemented by schools and universities today.


Challenge 1

At the moment, schools and universities are focusing on how to deliver learning material to students, ignoring student engagement and collaboration with teaching staff.


Challenge 2

Having only the learning schedule will take away from classroom engagement which will reduce student dedication during the teaching day.


Challenge 3

Questions raised by students cannot be answered on the spot and this will result in reluctance to ask questions, or a load on parents who will need to do this on behalf of teachers.

The Solution.

Solving this is easy – we just try to mirror the student’s daily learning journey in school in the digital world.



Student comes to school

Student logs in


Student socializes with friends

Student can ‘talk’ to friends through different mediums.


Enter the classroom

Join the virtual classroom


Engage with the teacher

Engage directly with teachers in virtual classrooms.


Access learning material

Download worksheets or videos, upload completed work

What StemeXe Does


We created StemeXe for Education to bring together teaching and social engagement to make learning more interesting and keep students engaged throughout the learning experience.

  • No exceeive investment or a technical team required to display

  • Library

  • Chat

  • Requests

  • Schedule

StemeXe for Schools is available on mobile devices, as well as web.


Features of the Solution


for students and even staff and parents who are on the system. These are the equivalent of putting up information on an announcement board or through email.


Requests are official questions or support requests that can be tracked on the system and answered within a specific SLA.


Students will be able to find all of the topics they study, with a brief about the topic, any reading material, external links, documents, and the teacher in charge.


Private or group tutoring is an optional feature of the system where teachers can tutor students with private sessions.


Student schedules can be posted in this section so that students are always up to date and can simply click on a link to join a live session.


The chat feature allows students to chat with each other and with teaching staff. Chat can also be used to coach students on using the different tools or answering questions.


Activities can be used to log student activities, assign tasks, or submit assignments.

StemeXe app is your app

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