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Start your Employee Advocacy Program

It goes without saying that a company’s employees are its most valuable assets. But many organizations are not fully tapping into the true potential of their teams.

In a world driven by digital and social, employee advocacy is essential.

The employee advocacy definition is quite simple: it is the promotion of your company by the people who work for it.

StemeXe for Digital Marketing Solution boosts your Employee Advocacy Program using digital channels by enabling employees to share and engage with a variety of content types including:


  • Company News and Announcements
  • Product/Service information
  • Job postings and Open positions
  • Company Events

The Solution.

LinkedIn research shows that, on average, employees collectively have social networks ten times larger than a corporate brand does

There are three major areas of your business that StemeXe Solution can impact:



StemeXe can drastically extend your reach. It can reliably boost brand awareness, increase followers to your Company Page and generate more traffic to your website



Salespeople can share valuable content, engage in conversation, and help solve problems. StemeXe can help increase the number of sales-qualified leads, attract and develop new business, shorten sales cycles, and bring in new revenue streams.



Companies with a successful employee advocacy program enabled by StemeXe Solution are more likely to attract and more likely to retain top talent.

How to Start with this Program?


Step 1: Define Goals and Objectives

Define your Digital marketing objectives for example

  1. Add X new Company Page followers on LinkedIn
  2. Increase traffic to website by X
  3. Boost social content engagement by X%

Step 2: Assemble a Team of Content Curators

Pinpoint some of the most socially savvy individuals in your workforce, and invite them to help in content creation


Step 3 : Launch StemeXe Solution For Digital Marketing

it’s time to kick off your employee brand advocacy program


What StemeXe does

  • Access company Data from one consolidated place
  •  Share Content through multiple Social channels
  •  Engage with peers
  •  Reward contributor with social scoring
  •  Monitor The marketing program performance
  •  Reduce Marketing budget while boosting performance

Case Study

200+ employees company Key Results after implementing StemeXe For Digital Marketing 

Monthly Average Results


Number of clicks

Before: Traditional Marketing – 2K
After: with StemeXe Digital Marketing – 37K


Before: Traditional Marketing – 60K
After: with StemeXe Digital Marketing – 400K

Number of Downloads

Before: Traditional Marketing – 4
After: with StemeXe Digital Marketing – 500

Marketing Cost

Before: Traditional Marketing – 15000$
After: with StemeXe Digital Marketing – 3000$

StemeXe app is your app

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