Mobile Solution for Everyone

StemeXe is a solution that can be customized for any organization that requires a beautiful, usable mobile app in a record amount of time.

Unlock the true value of your enterprise software with StemeXe modules

Choose the StemeXe modules that fit the best your business needs and we will integrate them for you. You have the power to customize the whole experience and create a solution for every use case.

You have the freedom to personalize StemeXe app!


Digital Library




Task Management

Human Resources

Performance Management

Easy to use and beautiful to look at,
StemeXe has everything your business needs

Quick to implement

Can be rebranded

Can be integrated

A list of great features

StemeXe app provides a set of tools to provide your employees with a suite of apps whose main objective is to ensure a smooth digital transformation journey to increase dedication, corporate efficiency, and productivity.

StemeXe app is your app

We can rebrand it to reflect your brand. Add your colors, logos, and fonts. We can also integrate it with some systems such as Active Directory.

Find out some of the possible use cases for StemeXe app

StemeXe for Education

Distance learning for everyone!

StemeXe for Digital Marketing

Reduce your Marketing Budget & Increase your Organic Reach

StemeXe for Marketplace

Optimize the technology value chain

StemeXe for Telemedicine

Bring healing and support to your patients remotely.

StemeXe for Digital Adoption

Accelerate Digital Adoption

StemeXe for Online Tutoring

Enjoy Learning – At Your Own Pace, From Your Own Place!

StemeXe for Digital Exhibitions

Bring the exhibition to them.

StemeXe for Enterprise Activity Management

Productive Employees – Anytime, Anywhere!

StemeXe for Remote Workers

Painlessly manage the shift to the new operating model!

StemeXe for Sales & Marketing

Increase your Sales while reducing your Marketing Budget

StemeXe for Online Training

Enable your employees for success with a joyful online training experience!

StemeXe for Ibtikar

Stemexe for Ibtikar harbors employee collaboration and gives employees the chance to engage with the company to uncover new opportunities for the business and co-create ideas to bring them to life.

StemeXe app is your app

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